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A Dedicated Personaly Injury Attorney Utah Has for You


The best personal injury attorney utah has for you

Why Moxie?

Women with Moxie: The New Superheroes.

You’ve heard the stereotypes: personal injury lawyers are just ambulance chasers, they’re bottom feeders, they cause bankruptcies. Worst of all, there’s the misconception that all personal injury attorneys are just in it for the money. But, at Moxie Law Group, we’re something different. We don’t take every case because, unlike some of the larger firms, we know we can’t help everyone. In some cases, the cost of hiring experts and going to trial outweighs the potential settlement or judgment. That’s why we offer everyone a free consultation. If we think that you’ll get more in your pocket by accepting the check the insurance company offers you, we’ll tell you during your free consultation.

Unlike the other guys, we’re not operating a traditional burn and churn system where we take every case, settle as soon as possible, and move on to the next client. We accept clients when we know we can help them get the compensation they deserve. We see so many personal injury firms advertising maximum compensation. However, we don’t see a lot of firms willing to go to trial. But, if helping our clients get the compensation they deserve means going to trial, Moxie Law Group is prepared to go to trial. We don’t care if it takes six months, or even a year: as long as our clients are willing to fight, we’re willing to fight for them. We work on contingency so our clients never have to worry about how they’ll afford the cost of a trial, or feel pressured into accepting a lower settlement. If our client doesn’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

Insurance companies know which firms will accept lower settlement offers in order to be in line with the firm’s outdated burn and churn business model. Thanks to Moxie Law Group’s reputation, insurance companies know us as the firm that will go after policy limits–even if it means hiring the experts, doing the hard work, and going to trial. We’re the firm who’s ready to negotiate your medical expenses down so our client can receive a larger settlement. Simply put, Moxie Law Group is the firm who does what’s best for our clients, not what’s best for our bottom line.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that you probably haven’t heard of a personal injury firm that doesn’t want their phones ringing off the hook. Although we’re here for those who have been injured, our job as a personal injury firm is to prevent others from becoming injured. That’s why we’ve got blogs, downloadable content, and other resources aimed at preventing injury. Though part of our job is providing help to those who have been injured, at Moxie Law Group, we believe the other part of our job is preventing others from becoming injured.

If you’ve been injured, why not try something different? Why not go with the firm who treats their clients like family? Our clients file personal injury claims because they cannot afford the overwhelming medical expenses they’ve been burdened with due to someone else’s negligence. We understand this, and we understand how important each client’s personal injury claim is to them. At Moxie Law Group, we’re different because we look out for our clients, not our bottom line.    


Moxie Law Group
Women with Moxie: The New Superheroes.

When women started coming out of the kitchen and into the courtroom, the result was unexpected. The traditionally female qualities that women have been taught to embrace over the years to keep order and peace in the home and family are just as powerful in other settings. The legal world is no exception.

After you’ve been injured, not only can a woman soothe, nurture, and help you heal, women are ideally suited to help you recover any legal damages you suffer.

The image of an ideal attorney is evocative of a strong, protective superhero who has your back and is willing and able to walk into a courtroom and fight for you. And guess what? More and more, those superheroes are female. As of 2018 more than 1 in 3 lawyers are women[1]. And these are their superpowers:

In the legal profession, women are under more pressure than their male counterparts than in an any other industry. They fight stereotypes no man would tolerate and work even harder as their abilities and knowledge are questioned more frequently. The pressure is so intense, in fact, that only the most dedicated and committed women remain in the profession. But these very obstacles serve to demonstrate that these women often have a stronger understanding of the law than a male attorney because they’ve had an unfair, but very real gender-based requirement to prove themselves. The result is, women with the moxie to fight for themselves can put it to work for you too.

Most women are, by nature, more sensitive. They empathize and listen. They hear you and make sure they understand what you mean. The attorney who listens this way is far more likely to pick up obscure facts and nuances that might be overlooked by a male attorney, and could be the very thing that helps you win your case.

A female attorney can understand how overwhelming it can be to be involved in litigation. Especially in an environment historically dominated by men. She can understand because she’s done it. She knows how, and she’s there to help you get through it as well.

When choosing an attorney to help you recover from personal injury it can be very effective to have a woman on your side. A woman with the knowledge, attributes, and attitude to get results. A woman with moxie.


Personal Injury is Community Injury

We all have the responsibility to keep our communities strong, safe, secure.

Pursuing a personal-injury claim is doing the right thing, for you and for your family, friends, neighbors–for all of us in Utah.

Let’s get to righting wrong and helping you and others heal. Welcome to Moxie Law Group,
Where you immediately see our difference

Empathy, Integrity, Tenacity

Personal Injury is Community Injury

We all have the responsibility to keep our communities strong, safe, and secure.

Pursuing a personal-injury claim is doing the right thing, for you and for your family, friends, neighbors–for all of us in Utah.

Let’s get to righting wrong and helping you and others heal.

Welcome to Moxie Law Group,Where you immediately see our difference!

Empathy, Integrity, Tenacity

Most Importantly, Our Experience Speaks for Itself

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