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Lehi Personal Injury Attorney 


Lehi, a booming city just south of the capital, marks the center of the population in Utah. And, it’s home to Silicon Slopes, an area where many of startup tech companies operate in Utah. Lehi also boasts many historical sites. For instance, Lehi is home to the Hutchings Museum, Thanksgiving Point, and Lehi Roller Mills⁠—the place where the first Kentucky Fried Chicken bought their flour. Also, Scenes from the movie, Footloose, were also shot in Lehi, Utah.

Lehi is the sixth oldest city in Utah and, in just 20 years, the once small town has doubled in size. According to 2019 statistics, 86% of people believe Lehi is a great place to raise a family. And, 91% of people believe that Lehi is a safe place to live. Above all, at Moxie Law Group, we are dedicated to keeping Lehi a safe place to live. If you were hurt in Lehi, UT, you need a personal injury attorney who is invested in keeping your community safe. In other words, you need Moxie Law Group.

What Kind of Attorney Do I need?

If you’ve been hurt in Lehi, UT because of someone else’s negligence, there’s a good chance that you would benefit from talking to a personal injury lawyer. Though you can speak with any lawyer who does civil litigation, Lehi personal injury lawyers who have experience in serving Lehi and litigating personal injury cases may be the most help. It may be best to speak with a personal injury lawyer who has experience in a practice area that pertains to the injury you’ve suffered.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers help those who have sustained injury due to the negligence of another person. Personal injury lawyers help the injured clients by helping them get compensation for their injuries. Often times, personal injury cases involve complex civil litigation. This is why, injury victims should choose a law firm that has handled other cases like yours. If you’ve been hurt, and you need compensation for your injuries, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer about filing a personal injury case.

When You’re Looking for Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’re googling “UT personal injury lawyers” or “UT lawyers” you’ll want to look for a law firm that can help you with all of your personal injury needs. At Moxie Law Group, we’ve been serving Lehi, Spanish Fork, South Jordan, Salt Lake City, and many other communities with the legal services they deserve. Our personal injury lawyers have a deep understanding of the legal proceedings that come with personal injury cases. Moxie Law Group is proud to have personal injury lawyers who are not only in good standing with their community, but dedicated to keeping the community safe.

Moxie Law Group Isn’t Afraid of Going to Court

We do what it takes to get our clients the settlement they need. If that means going to court, we’ll see you in court. A lot of attorneys have experience in other areas of the law such as family law, or criminal defense. This means that our attorneys have had practice advocating for their clients in front of a judge. Injury can be serious business. It can lead to divorce (loss of consortium), bankruptcy, and loss of earning potential. For this reason, we make sure our clients get the settlement they need in order to heal from their injuries.

What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful deaths occur when a person’s negligence leads to the death of another individual. The emotional distress involved with a wrongful death case can be overwhelming. Wrongful death can be the result of any negligence: from medical malpractice to bicycle accidents. If you have a wrongful death case, you need a personal injury lawyer who’s experienced in that specific practice area.

Hire the Most Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Lehi, UT Has

At Moxie Law Group, our personal injury lawyers each have a wealth of experience. We help so many victims of car accidents win the settlement they need in order to heal. But we don’t just work with car accident victims. We also help those who have been harmed by medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability and more. At Moxie Law Group, we focus solely serving Lehi, South Jordan, Spanish Fork, Salt Lake City, and other Utah communities. Our mission is to provide our communities with educational resources, prevent injury, and take care of the surrounding communities’ personal injury needs. At Moxie Law Group, we work on contingency. This is different from a flat fee. Instead, a pre-negotiated portion of your settlement will cover all your attorney’s fees. If you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay us anything.

Serving Lehi, UT and More

Our personal injury lawyers are committed to serving Lehi, UT and making the surrounding communities safer for all. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping Lehi, UT with all its personal injury needs. If you’ve sustained injury after an accident, you need a personal injury lawyer who’s focused on serving Lehi, UT, and taking care of your personal injury needs. There are so many personal injury lawyers who are just in the business to make money. If you’ve sustained injury, you need a lawyer who’s in the business to serve the community and help others stay safe. At Moxie Law Group, we’re proud to say our personal injury lawyers are focused on serving Lehi, UT and representing our clients’ best interests. You need a lawyer who’s in it for you. You need a lawyer with Moxie.

Elements of Negligence

There are four elements of negligence. In order to have a successful personal injury claim, personal injury lawyers will make sure each element of negligence is present. If a case doesn’t have all the elements of negligence, it may be difficult to receive compensation for your claims. For example, if the janitor at your place of employment failed to clean up a spill in the office, and that caused you to slip and fall, the janitor may have been negligent. But if you didn’t sustain any injuries (also known as damages), you may have a difficult time receiving compensation. In order to have a solid personal injury claim, you need to have all the elements of a personal injury claim: duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Hiring the most experienced accident attorney in Lehi, UT can help you determine whether starting a personal injury case would help you.


You can think of duty in the same way you’d think of a job or a responsibility. Your employer is responsible for keeping your workplace safe and clean. This is your employer’s duty. Here’s a good example: if, according to OSHA, your employer needs to make personal protective equipment available, and they fail to do this, your employer may have breached their duty. But, as we’ve previously mentioned, it’s not just enough that your employer has a duty and breaches it. Having a duty is only one element of a personal injury claim. In order to have a good personal injury claim, all four elements need to be present.

Breach of Duty

Breach of duty is a lot like what it sounds. When it comes to accidents in the workplace, duty can be breached any time an employer fails to take precautions that a reasonable person of ordinary prudence would, they may have breached their duty. This is especially true if there are set standards by an authority like OSHA. When it comes to accidents at the workplace, employers have a legal obligation to maintain a certain standard of safety. Failure to do so may constitute a breach of duty on your employer’s part. However, word of caution: your employer needs to have an established duty before you can claim that duty has been breached. Also, personal injury claims aren’t filed against employers. 


After you establish that your employer has a duty, and they’ve breached their duty, you’ll need to prove that the breach of duty is what caused your injuries. And it’s not just that the injury was inadvertently caused by the breach of duty, but the breach of duty needs to be the proximate cause of the injury. Proximate cause means, in the most simple terms, the direct cause. For example, let’s say someone causes a car accident while you’re running a work related errand. Though your work caused you to run the errand, your employer wasn’t the direct cause of the injury. The driver whose negligence caused your injury was the direct cause of the injury.


You also have to have damages. It’s not enough just to prove that the defendant caused your injuries; you also have to prove that you do indeed have significant injuries. If you were in a wreck while running errands at work, your medical records can be used as evidence to demonstrate that you’ve been injured in an accident. And damages aren’t just injuries. In fact, if you’ve lost the ability to perform your job, or your day to day tasks, you may have additional damages. The aforementioned damages are known as loss of earning potential and a need for compensation for lost household services. 

When You’ve Been Injured…

If you’ve been injured and you need an attorney, you need an attorney with Moxie. At Moxie Law Group, our attorneys have extensive experience in fighting for the rights of our clients and obtaining for them the settlement or judgment they need. We give our potential clients a free consultation to help them decide whether or not they would benefit from filing a personal injury case. If we do end up working together, we don’t charge our clients anything until they get the settlement they deserve. And, if you don’t get the settlement or judgment you deserve, you don’t have to pay us anything. If you’ve been hurt and you need an attorney, Moxie Law Group can help you decide what your next step toward healing is. There are so many benefits of hiring an attorney. Having a legal expert advocate for you and your best interests is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the compensation you deserve. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Moxie Law Group today and hire the best accident attorney Lehi, UT has.

Finally, a Lehi Personal Injury Attorney who represents the community

Above All, We Live Our Values

Finally, a Lehi Personal Injury Attorney Who Represents the Community

Above All, We Live Our Values

Most importantly, Moxie Law Group is a female-led Personal Injury Firm in Pleasant Grove focused on integrity, empathy, and tenacity. Our firm is an obvious choice when you’re looking for a personal injury attorney who will fight for you. Moxie Law Group’s expert attorneys are determined to fight for the maximum compensation for the injured party. We want to know your story so we can understand the best way to help you. Finally, if you need an experienced and local attorney, contact Moxie Law Group for a free consultation. We have a dedicated Lehi personal injury attorney.

Moxie Law Group is here for you. Our Personal Injury expertise includes everything from medical malpractice to premises liability.

Rather than parade a lineup of attorneys before you, we present the values that guide us, the successes we have on behalf of our clients.

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