Safety Tips for the Gym 

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The new year is here, and many people are heading into 2024 with a personal goal to get healthy. Whether that means shedding a few pounds, or getting that resting heart rate down for good, fitness journeys generally mean going to the gym. If you’re starting up a gym habit in 2024, it’s important to stay safe. When you’re in the gym, you could sustain injuries that could impede your fitness goals, and set you back. 

Dress for the Gym 

What’s an appropriate gym outfit? Well it depends on your gym’s dress-code—if there is one—and what work-outs you’re doing. Here’s a good rule to follow: closed-toe tennis shoes are a must for the gym. Don’t forget to wear shoes that have already been broken in. You wouldn’t want to compromise your ability to balance while you’re on the treadmil! While comfy pants are awesome, you should make sure that your comfy pants are an appropriate length. Pants that are too long can be a tripping hazard, especially if you’re on an eliptical machine or a treadmil. If your pants are too long, you’ll need to roll them up to prevent any tripping injuries. 

Be Careful with Your Tunes 

Most people believe that the music played at the gym is a plague to be avoided. If you’re bringing your own tunes to the gym, make sure that you’re keeping your music at a reasonable volume. Although you may not want to hear the world around you, it’s generally a good idea to be able to hear what’s going on in the background, just in case someone needs to get your attention urgently. Be extra careful with the music when you’re walking out to the car, as it could prevent you from hearing cars coming toward you. Although the drivers should be looking out for pedestrians, many drivers unfortunately see parking lots as an opportunity to text and drive instead of looking out for pedestrians who, by the way, normally have the right of way in parking lots. 

Follow the Instructions 

Kids these days and their darn contraptions! If that’s what you’re saying when you see a work out machine, make sure you check the instructions before using the machine. Most work out machines have instructions on them, especially if it isn’t obvious from just looking at them. If you are unable to figure out how to use a machine, and employee may be able to help you. Additionally, online resources, such as YouTube videos may offer helpful insights about using a machine properly. Although there are many fitness influencers online who boast flawless figures, it’s safe to say that not everyone with a beach body knows what they’re talking about when it comes to lifting weights and using machines correctly. So make sure you choose reputable sources when trying to determine how to use a particular machine. 

Wipe Down Your Machines 

Wipe down your machines after use. Most gyms have dedicated stations where you can find disinfectant spray and towels to wipe down your machine. Not only does this prevent people from coming into contact with your bodily fluids (gross), but it’s also the courteous thing to do. Other people will notice that you don’t wipe down the machine, and they will probably judge you for it. In gym culture, not wiping down your machine is like not putting your shopping cart in the cart return—only it’s much, much worse. Don’t be that guy (or gal). Wipe down your machine after you use it to prevent the spread of germs and illness—and to protect your reputation. 

Take a Break If You’re Injured 

While it’s frustrating to experience a setback on your weight loss journey or fitness journey, injuries do occur. When injuries occur, it’s important to take a break and heal. If you don’t, you could become even more injured and eventually require an even longer break. Remember, fitness journeys aren’t just about getting that beach body; they should be promoting your overall health—which you can’t do if you’re injured and actively making your injury worse. Don’t overexert yourself. If you sustain an injury, take a break to heal and recover. If you need to see a medical professional, don’t wait. 

Do You Need an Attorney? 

If you’ve been injured at the gym due to the negligence of another person, Moxie Law Group is here for you. Whether you’re looking for a car accident attorney, or a premises liability lawyer our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Contact us today to get started with your free consultation. 

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