How to Prevent Truck Accidents

ELI5: Negligence

Nobody likes being stuck behind a semi-truck driver, but it’s always important to take proactive measures to keep yourself, and others on the road safe. 

Be Considerate

No matter what kind of car you drive, you can always help contribute to safer roads by being a considerate driver. If you notice a semi-truck needs to be let in, make sure you give them space to get in, especially if their lane is ending and they have no other choice.

If you’re a semi-truck driver, you probably know that the passenger vehicles around you are able to stop faster than you are. However, it’s not a good idea to rely on their ability to stop, especially when the roads are wet from rain or snow. Don’t pull out in front of semi-trucks, especially if you are unsure about their ability to stop in time. Semi-trucks normally take longer to stop than regular passenger vehicles. So if there’s any doubt about a driver’s ability to stop, it’s not a good idea to pull out in front of them. If you do need to move over in front of a large Semi-Truck, make sure that you can clearly see both of their headlights in your rear-view mirror, to ensure that you’re giving them enough distance to follow you safely. Whatever you’re driving, it’s always a smart idea to drive as if your loved ones were on the road with you.

Slower Traffic, Keep Right

Generally speaking, slower traffic should stay in the right lanes, and drivers should use the left lane to pass. The far left lane is not a “no-speed-limit zone” where drivers can camp out indefinitely. Instead, the far left lane is reserved for passing. If you are in the far left lane, and you are not currently trying to overtake vehicles, you should get out of the left lane. On two-lane highways, drivers ought to stay in the right lane unless they’re passing. If there is a person behind you who’s going faster than you, it may be a good idea to move out of their way, regardless of what kind of vehicle they’re driving. The aforementioned is especially important when drivers are driving recklessly or speeding excessively. Usually, the faster a driver is going, the less control they have over their vehicle. It’s never a good idea to be too close to a reckless driver when they lose control.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Tempers may flare up on the road, but it’s not a good idea to lose your cool, especially when semi-trucks are involved. Semi-truck drivers should note that they owe other drivers a higher standard of care in many states. This means that semi-truck drivers may be responsible for taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of others since their vehicles often require special licensing, training, and certifications. If you are a semi-truck driver, you may have additional responsibilities while on the road. Failure to uphold such responsibilities could expose you to additional liability. Passenger cars should also be careful not to engage in road-rage games; big semi-trucks usually cause big injuries. Even if you aren’t injured, the semi-truck driver, or the other drivers on the road may be injured due to your road rage.

Consider the Blind Spots

Semi-truck drivers often have larger blind spots, even though they have additional mirrors. In America, and other countries where the driver’s seat is on the left side of the cab, most semi-trucks have a blind spot immediately to their left, before the cargo begins. Also, many semi-truck drivers struggle to see the right two lanes. Semi-trucks may have limited vision in front of the truck because the driver is up so high, and they may have no vision immediately behind the truck. It may be helpful to research a visual image of semi-truck blind spots. It’s always a good idea to stay out of a semi-truck’s blind spots when possible. Though a semi-truck may see you go into their blind spot, they may forget you’re there, and begin shifting into your lane. Although they’d likely be liable for the accident that resulted, the injuries resulting from the accident would likely be severe, so if possible, you should allow them into your lane.

Don’t Follow too Closely

It’s also important to ensure that you’re not following too closely. Semi-trucks cannot stop as quickly as passenger vehicles, and this has two very important implications. First, semi-truck drivers may slow down unexpectedly because they’re anticipating a stop. You may not recognize when they need to begin slowing down because they may need to begin slowing down further in advance. If you’re not paying attention, or you’re unprepared for a reduction in speed, the semi-truck driver may not have time to stop. Second, semi-truck drivers need to make sure they’re not following cars too closely. If the car in front of the semi-truck driver stops abruptly, the semi-truck driver may not have enough time to come to a complete stop.

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