How Much Is My Claim Worth?

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No two cases are alike, so how much is my claim worth? Even cases that are similar may have very different outcomes. For this reason, it’s very difficult to determine exactly what your case is worth if you haven’t sat down with a personal injury attorney to look at your medical records and discuss your injuries. However, although we can’t calculate a claim for you, we can help you become familiar with the guidelines of how a claim’s value is normally calculated.


How Much Is My Claim Worth

If you’ve been injured, you’re going to have medical expenses. Let’s say you were injured in a car accident in Lehi. The first thing a Lehi personal injury attorney is going to want to see is your medical records. If due to the accident, you were rushed to the ER in an ambulance, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the ambulance and hospital expenses. Or, if a doctor decides that you’ll need to have emergency surgery due to that accident, you may also be entitled to compensation for the cost of your surgery. If you were injured by a negligent party’s conduct, you may be entitled to compensation for any and all medical expenses related to your injury.


What if you’ve been injured and you’ll need to have medical treatment for an extended period of time? Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to be compensated for that treatment as well. If an accident leaves you needing physical therapy for six months, you may be eligible for compensation for the physical therapy. When it comes to personal injury claims, a Lehi personal injury attorney will add up all past, current, and future medical expenses. Once these expenses are calculated, they may be put into a demand letter that will go to an insurance company. This letter will detail to the insurance company why the client is entitled to a specific sum. From there, the insurance company may write a check for the sum the attorney is asking for, or the insurance company may attempt to negotiate a lower amount.

How Much Is My Claim Worth

If you’ve been injured, you may have other injury-related expenses such as loss of income, or loss of earning potential. If you were unable to work as a result of the injuries from the accident, you may be able to claim lost wages. If you had to miss three days of work due to your injury, you may be able to claim to pay for the days of work that you missed. What if you work a more manual job, such as construction, and you’re no longer able to do the job at all because of your injury? In a case such as the aforementioned, you may be able to claim loss of earning potential. In some cases, the injured party ends up needing household services because they can no longer care for themselves in the way that they used to be able to. It is also possible to receive compensation for household services as well.


Items such as emotional distress, or pain and suffering, can be more difficult to calculate. After all, who’s to say that your broken arm was more emotionally painful than the other guy’s broken wrist? An experienced personal injury attorney will know how much to ask for when it comes to items such as pain and suffering, or emotional distress and what information may make your case more valuable. The bottom line is that insurance companies arent looking out for your best interests. In fact, it’s in the company’s best interests to offer the smallest settlement that they possibly can. And those settlements often don’t even begin to cover the injury-related expenses, not to mention compensate the injured party for pain and suffering. This is why attending a free consultation with a Lehi personal injury attorney can help you get a higher settlement.


How Much Is My Claim Worth

A lot of people are concerned about how they can afford to pay for a personal injury attorney. Well, believe it or not, Moxie Law Group believes in ensuring that everyone has access to legal advice. We understand that accidents can happen to anyone. Since accidents can happen to everyone, shouldn’t everyone have access to high-quality legal advice? We’d like to think so. That’s why we offer our clients free consultations. During the free consultation, we’ll tell you if we think the initial offer is the best offer. That’s something most personal injury attorneys don’t do. In fact, a lot of personal injury attorneys will take cases even though the client would walk away with more money in their pocket without the help of a Lehi personal injury attorney. But that’s not Moxie. At Moxie Law Group, we only take cases where we know we can help the client get a bigger settlement. If you end up hiring our firm, you don’t have to worry about paying an attorney. Instead, a pre-negotiated portion of your settlement will cover all your legal fees. No settlement? No problem. If you don’t receive compensation, you don’t owe us anything. If you’ve been injured, and you’re ready to get compensation for your injuries, contact Moxie Law Group today to get the process started.

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