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You’d better not shout obscenities, you’d better not cry, you’d better not make rude hand gestures, I’m telling you why: personal injury attorneys aren’t afraid of taking you to court and ensuring that you have a spot on the naughty list. All jokes aside, if you’re operating a motor vehicle this winter—and you probably are—it’s important for both your safety, and the safety of others, that you drive in a manner that is considerate and courteous. Depending on the circumstances, your insurance rates could go up even if an accident isn’t your fault. So, if you’re looking to have a very merry Christmas, it’s a good idea to be a nice driver instead of a naughty one.


Tailgating is a decidedly naughty activity that you should refrain from engaging in unless you want a lump of coal for Christmas. Though tailgating isn’t normally a safe activity, it’s a much more dangerous way of being aggressive during the winter time. When the roads are icy, it can take you much longer to slow down, even when you’ve got good brakes and tires. If you’re looking to stay off the naughty list this year, make sure that you’ve got the appropriate tires and they’re in good condition. Remember, if the tread is too low, that may complicate your ability to come to a complete stop on time, especially with icy roads.


If you remember the song, you know that you’d better not pout. And rude gestures, such as a thumbs down, may be considered pouting under certain circumstances. Depending on your location, and your unique situation, sticking your tongue out at bad drivers may also warrant a place on the naughty list. Mouthing obscenities should also be avoided if you’re looking to avoid getting a lump of coal for Christmas. Joking aside, aggressive driving increases tension on the road. When it comes to winter weather, everyone is just doing their best. When the roads are icy, or very snowy, it’s already dangerous to drive on them. We don’t need to cause a road rage contest and make the roads even more dangerous.


Have a little too much alcoholic eggnog? We’re not judging—although we will be if you get behind the wheel. If you plan on having a little holiday cheer in the form of alcohol, please remember to plan a safe ride home before you begin drinking. This also applies if you’re going to be staying out late. If you’re too tired to drive home, it may be a good idea to crash at your friend or family member’s place. A lot of places treat driving under the influence of alcohol and driving drowsy similarly. So, even if you’re not drunk, you may still get a DUI for driving while sleep deprived. Drinking while driving is a surefire way to get your name put on the naughty list—even if nobody is injured because of your reckless behavior.


If the weather outside is too frightful, driving at all may not be the best idea. If your car is not properly prepared for winter weather, it’s probably not a good idea to go driving in a winter wonderland. Also, if there are winter weather notices, it’s important that you understand what they mean and, depending on your circumstances, how to act on them. Typically, a winter weather watch means that there’s a good chance that a winter storm will occur. Whereas a winter weather warning means that the winter storm is currently in progress, even if it hasn’t quite gotten to you yet. Depending on which advisories are in place, you may decide that it’s best if you just stay home during the winter.


Be considerate of other drivers during this time of the year. If someone needs to merge into your lane, let them in. There will always be those idiots that decide to come into your lane no matter how you feel about it. Though they will be at fault if there’s a crash, your car will be damaged, you may be injured, and your insurance rates could still go up even if you weren’t at fault. Therefore, it’s not always a bad idea to just let that guy in. You don’t have to be “nice” to anybody, but if we all cooperate on the roads, we will all get where we’re going faster than if we don’t. Remember too that not everyone has a vehicle that’s made to drive in the snow. In fact, a lot of people have come to Utah from tropical places like California. They may not know how to drive in 8 feet of snow, or they may not have cars that have been fitted with the proper Utah gear. Whatever the circumstances may be, remember that there are drivers who perhaps aren’t prepared for driving in a winter wonderland. Make sure that you’re doing your best to be considerate of these drivers during this winter season.


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