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Pumpkin spice season is almost here but, before you pick your pumpkin, make sure you’re staying safe. A lot of people like to do spooky stuff in the fall, but you don’t want to be overly scary because you’ve forgotten all about safety. Don’t fall for these mistakes. Instead fall in love with these spooky seasonal safety tips. At Moxie Law Group, even though we’re personal injury attorneys, we don’t want anyone to become seriously injured. Instead, our mission is to educate our community by providing resources, such as safety tips and accident checklists, in order to help everyone play it safe.


You’ve got your leggings, tunic top, and flannel scrunchie; it’s a good fall outfit, but it’s not complete without a pumpkin spice latte. You may be eager for that first sip—after all, you’ve probably waited a pretty long time for Starbucks to put it back on the menu. However, it’s in your best interest to wait until your latte is cooled before taking a sip. In the most famously cited frivolous lawsuit, McDonald’s was ordered to compensate a woman after she spilled their hot coffee on herself. Obviously, hot coffee is, well, hot. But, if you look at the facts of this case, you’ll see that the lawsuit was far from frivolous. McDonald’s was serving their coffee at a scorching 190 degrees fahrenheit! At such temperatures, the coffee could cause third degree burns in just three seconds (and apparently did in her case). So, wait until your coffee has cooled to a reasonable temperature before you take a sip. This is especially true if you’re driving.


There’s nothing quite like taking a trip to the pumpkin patch during the fall season. Although decorating pumpkins can be fun for the whole family, only the adults should be using knives or anything sharp to carve the pumpkins. You may be able to find some carving tools that aren’t sharp, which is safer, but those also still have risks and you should be extra careful if you allow children to use them. Children should not be unsupervised regardless. They can participate in decorating pumpkins by outlining places for the parents to carve, or painting the pumpkins with non-toxic paint. You may also want to ensure the safety of your walls and furniture by using washable paint. It isn’t uncommon for people to light their carved pumpkins with candles. However, this can be a fire hazard under the right conditions. In order to keep everyone safe, use battery operated lights for your pumpkins if you’d like to light them.


Your fall potluck isn’t complete without some form of pumpkin dessert. When baking, remember to take precautions to keep yourself and your family members safe. Don’t allow children to handle knives or sharp objects in the kitchen. Some machinery, such as hand mixers, can also be a disaster in small hands. Also, burns can happen when putting items in the oven and removing them. For this reason, adults should always be the one to handle items that have just come out of the oven. If you’re baking, make sure that your bakeware can handle the temperatures you’re baking at. Though knock off pyrex says it can go in the oven, many people have had the misfortune of having a dish explode in the oven, leaving shards of glass all over the place or worse, in the delicious food. Don’t make this mistake.


Hayrides through the pumpkin patch are another favorite family friendly activity that many enjoy in the fall season. But a lot of these hayrides do not have seatbelts and, unfortunately, hayrides can be quite bumpy. While you’re on a hayride, you should keep all of your limbs inside the vehicle at all times. Keep an eye on your children and encourage them to do the same. As previously mentioned, it can be a bumpy ride. Do not allow your children to stand up while on the hayride. It’s also safer to sit facing the outside of the vehicle rather than sitting on an edge facing inwards. If the destination is a pumpkin patch where your child is able to pick a pumpkin, make sure you’re keeping an eye on them as you’re walking through the patch. Do not allow your children to cut the pumpkin from the vine as children should not be allowed to handle sharp objects.


A lot of people like to make pumpkin desserts out of their pumpkins that they’ve carved for the holiday. If you’re planning on doing this, make sure you either use or freeze your pumpkin goop as soon as you scoop it out of the pumpkin. If your pumpkin is starting to go soft on the bottom, or leaking liquid, it’s time to throw the pumpkin out. The pumpkin has already expired and is about to start getting moldy, and moldy pumpkins are some of the scariest sights of the season. Do not keep pumpkins on your porch if they’re moldy. They can attract flies and other pests that spread disease. Also, although pumpkin is good for dogs, too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. Make sure you’re feeding your dog the appropriate amount of pumpkin. If you’re buying canned pumpkin from the store for your dog, check the ingredients and make sure that they can have everything listed on there.


If you’ve been injured by the negligence of others, or a moldy pumpkin, and you need compensation for your injury related expenses, contact Moxie Law Group today for a free consultation. At Moxie Law Group, filing a personal injury claim is easy. If you’ve been injured and you need representation contact Moxie Law Group today.

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