Tips for the World's Safest Pool Party
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From a drowning accident attorney

Are you thinking about throwing a pool party this summer? If so, you’re probably wondering what you can do to reduce your liability in the event of an aquatic accident. If you’re not wondering about the aforementioned, you probably should be: it’s estimated that more than 11,000 people will drown in the United States every year. Of those 11,000 drownings, the CDC records that nearly 4,000 of those will be fatal. Tragically, children aged one through four are the most likely victims. So, if you’re planning a pool party this summer, taking the right precautions can help ensure that all your guests have a great time.

Know Your Guests

Let’s face it, your summer plans likely don’t include answering questions from a drowning accident lawyer—and that’s probably for the best. In order to keep your pool safe, it’s important that you know your guests. This is especially important if you’re throwing a pool party for your children. If your child’s friends are younger, it may help you to have their parents there in order to help supervise everyone. Although you might have no clue how well your child’s friends can swim, the child’s parents almost certainly know how well their child can swim and will be able to supervise accordingly. Even if your guests aren’t children, you could still be liable for any injuries they sustain under premises liability.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

If you’re having people over to swim in your pool, make sure you’re prepared for any emergencies that could happen. Have emergency flotation devices on hand along with first aid kits. It’s also not a bad idea to have training in CPR, especially if you have guests at your pool often. Depending on who normally uses your pool, you may decide that it’s a good idea to keep additional floaties or life jackets at your residence in the event one of your friends or family members forgets theirs and is unable to swim. Though there’s no magic bullet that can remove your liability entirely, taking reasonable precautions can help reduce your liability.

Know the Signs of Drowning

A lot of people think of drowning as a person frantically flapping around while screaming, “Help! I’m drowning!” Though the cinematic effects paint quite a picture, the drowning that’s often portrayed in cartoons and movies is typically far removed from reality. Normally, when a person is drowning, they’re pretty quiet. Usually, they’re in a vertical position, barely able to keep their heads above water. Their arms are normally outstretched, as they’re attempting to keep their head above water in order to continue breathing; because they’re struggling with this, they may tilt their head back. If you own a pool, you should know the signs of drowning and keep an eye out for them.

Swimming and Substances Don’t Mix

Contrary to what the people in some commercials and movies seem to believe, alcohol and swimming do not mix. Not only does alcohol impair your judgment, it can also cause you to become dehydrated while swimming. Even though you’re surrounded by water, you can still become dehydrated. This can cause nausea, vomiting, confusion, and other conditions that do not make swimming easier. Certain medications such as pain medications, or anti-anxiety medications may cause you to feel drowsy. If you’re taking medications, make sure to check the label to verify that none of the side effects will compromise your ability to swim.

Check Your Policy

Although you’ve tried your best, accidents can still happen. If you’ve got a pool in your backyard, you’ll want to make sure to review your policy so you know what the policy limits are and what your insurance covers. If an injury does occur on your property, and the injured hires a drowning accident lawyer, the lawyer is more likely going to go after your homeowner’s insurance policy. This is because most people don’t have the financial assets necessary to successfully pay a substantial judgment. Having the right amount of coverage for your property helps make sure you’re protected as well as your guests.

When You Need a Drowning Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, we know from experience that it’s possible to take all the reasonable precautions and still have injuries happen. If you’ve been injured, and you’re concerned about how you’re going to afford your medical bills and injury related expenses, contact Moxie Law Group for a consultation at no cost to you. At Moxie Law Group, we’re committed to breaking down the barriers between the injured party and the legal representation they need. Our legal team works on contingency; this way you don’t pay unless you get the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured, and you need a drowning accident lawyer, contact Moxie Law Group today.