5 Safety Tips for Your Summer Toys
ELI5: Negligence

Let’s be real here: you’re bringing your summer toys down to southern Utah to have as much fun as possible. You are not towing an ATV all the way down to St. George with the intention of needing a personal injury attorney when you get home. In order to ensure you have the most fun, it’s essential that you take all the necessary and reasonable precautions that you can in order to avoid injury. Although you may think safety is the antithesis of fun, the true antithesis of fun is being the plaintiff in a personal injury claim. If you’ve got plans for your ATVs, four-wheelers, and dirt bikes, make sure you’re following these safety tips.

Use Proper Precautions

If you have a motorized off-highway vehicle, utility vehicle, or other off-road recreational vehicles, you likely know what safety measures to take. However, if there’s any uncertainty over how to safely operate your vehicle, getting expert advice is always a good idea. Since some of these types of vehicles can be very dangerous, a lot of places offer training courses in using them. Also, even though some motorized off-highway vehicles are street legal, not all of them are. You should never take any vehicle on the road if you aren’t sure whether or not it’s street legal. You may need to refer to the laws of the area you’re in when determining whether or not your off-road vehicle is legal to be on the road. Legal or not though, you need to be aware that a vehicle designed to be used off-road and in dirt will behave differently on asphalt, and can quickly become dangerous when used out of the environment it was designed for. 

Find the Right Terrain

As previously mentioned, not every vehicle is appropriate for use everywhere. A lot of people overestimate their vehicle’s ability to go off-roading. In fact, many vehicles weren’t intended to travel up or across steep inclines. If the hill or incline is too steep, the vehicle may tip over. You shouldn’t attempt rock crawling in a stock Jeep Wrangler with street tires, for example. If the vehicle wasn’t made for the difficult terrain you’re taking it on, it may become stuck and, on your summer adventure, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the woods, or worse in the hot and unforgiving desert. This can be especially dangerous in remote areas that have bears or other dangerous animals. Depending on your circumstances, you may be too injured to get to the road for the help you need or you may not have what you need to survive until help can arrive. For these reasons, it’s always important to make sure that your vehicle really can handle the terrain you’re visiting.

Use the Equipment Correctly

Make sure you follow all the rules, laws, regulations, and general safe practices when transporting your recreational vehicle to the destination of your summer adventure. Remember, if your trailer becomes detached from your vehicle while on the freeway, there’s a mighty good chance that you’re going to be liable for it. Also, attaching your ATV trailer to the back of your camper trailer is especially dangerous and can cause loss of control and a serious crash, and even death (don’t ask us how we know). So, if you’re hauling your recreational vehicle across a long distance, you need to ensure that your trailer is secure and properly mounted and that your chains aren’t dragging. A lot of people fail to realize that the way they’re hauling their recreational vehicle isn’t legal, or is unsafe. In order to help ensure your safety, along with the safety of everyone else on the road, you may want to look into the recommended methods of hauling your summer toys across the state.

Watch out for Different Vehicles

The summer season attracts a lot of motorcyclists and a lot of families with RVs, or camper vans. Since there are so many motorcyclists on the road, remember to look out for them when you’re changing lanes. Don’t forget: on some roads, it’s legal for motorcyclists to filter through lanes. Also, if you’re towing something, or you’re in an RV, you may want to consider staying in the right lanes. Not only is it inconsiderate to drive in the left lanes while you’re a slower-moving vehicle, it’s also dangerous. If you notice there are people speeding past you, especially if they are passing on the right, that may be a sign that you’re in the wrong lane. Additionally, if you see a car speeding up behind you, it may be a good idea to get out of that car’s way—even if the car is speeding excessively. If a person is driving at excessive speeds, they’re more likely to lose control of their vehicle. If this happens, you do not want to be anywhere near them—especially if you’re on a motorcycle. “Brake checking” someone won’t teach them a lesson, but it could likely cause a crash that could injure you both. Also, keep an even closer eye and ear out for other vehicles when you’re off-road. There aren’t clear lines showing where traffic should be off-road, so motorcycles or ATVs can come from just about anywhere—especially in places where there is lots of wide-open space. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on around you so you can react to it and avoid a crash.

When You’ve Been Injured

If you’ve been injured on your summer adventure, and you are ready to explore your options regarding compensation, Moxie Law Group is here for you. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve. At Moxie Law Group, we offer people who have been injured free consultations in order to help them figure out whether or not filing a claim will help the injured party gain the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured in an accident, and you’re not sure if you’re ready to file your claim, contact Moxie Law Group for your free consultation today.