5 Safety Tips for Being in a Parking Lot
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A lot of people aren’t nearly as careful as they should be in a parking lot. In fact, some of the most severe injuries can occur in a parking lot. It isn’t uncommon for drivers to be more distracted in parking lots because of the reduced speeds. Also, it isn’t uncommon for pedestrians to assume that the drivers are paying attention in the parking lotafter all, drivers should be paying attention in an area with so many pedestrians. It doesn’t always occur to people that injuries happening at five miles per hour can be so severe. However, some of the worst accidents personal injury firms see have taken place in a parking lot. In order to reduce the risk of injury, keep these safety tips in mind next time you’re in a parking lot.

Put the Phone Away

Put your dang phone away when you’re driving through a parking lot. If you need to text, do it while the car is parked. Pedestrians can come out of nowhereespecially at night. A pedestrian may not be paying attention when they walk out in front of your car. And, they don’t make a sound when they walk out in front ofor behindyour car. Pedestrians pretty much always have the right of way in a parking lot. So, even if they weren’t looking out for your car, that isn’t a defense. Pedestrians should also avoid using their phones in a parking lot. Remember, when you’re walking, drivers cannot hear you walking into their path. If you’re not paying attention, you may not realize that the driver isn’t paying attention either. If you’re the pedestrian, wait until you’re in your parked vehicle before using your phone.

Be Mindful of the Lighting

It can be really hard to see pedestrians at night. If you’re a pedestrian, try to stay in well lit areas while walking through the parking lot. This is especially true if you’re wearing dark clothing. If you’re walking along a row of cars, pay attention to any who may be backing out. It can be difficult to see pedestrians when you’re backing out, especially at night. Plus, some cars’ designs do not give drivers a very complete view of their surroundings. When you’re walking through a parking lot at night, remember that even though a driver may have looked left and right, they may not have been looking in the right direction at the right time in order to see you. When you’re backing out, make sure you’re backing out slowly, and continuously paying attention to your surroundings.

Don’t Get Distracted

A lot of people get distracted while they’re driving through parking lots between signs, advertisements, and other people, there’s a lot to look at. If you’re driving through a parking lot, always keep your eyes in the direction your vehicle is going. As previously mentioned, distracted pedestrians may not be able to hear your car, especially if you drive a prius. When you’re driving through a parking lot, make sure you aren’t distracted by signs and advertisements. Pedestrians need to take extra precautions when crossing into the parking lot. You can never know for certain just how much attention the driver is paying, or if they’re going to stop in the crosswalk. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Stay within the Lines

If you’re in a parking lot, it’s a good idea to stay within the lines instead of driving across the parking lot as if you own the place. Pedestrians that are hearing impaired, or wearing headphones, may not be able to hear you. Also, they may not be able to predict someone driving across the parking lot in an unpredictable manner. Pedestrians should also avoid cutting across the parking lot as well. If a driver isn’t paying attention, the driver could hit a pedestrian, especially if that pedestrian isn’t in a predictable place, such as the middle of a parking lot.

Slow Down

When you’re in a parking lot, slow down. A lot of people don’t realize just how much damage a car can do when it’s only going a few miles per hour. Contrary to popular belief, being hit by a car at a low speed can cause life changing injuries. When you’re backing out, it’s important to back out slowly. You may not know when there’s a pedestrian who’s about to walk behind your car. Children are notorious for running out into traffic without looking. A child may run behind your car without considering that you’re backing out. 

When You’ve Been Injured

If you’ve been injured in a parking lot, Moxie Law Group is here for you. Pedestrians almost always have the right of way in a parking lot. And, when that right of way isn’t honored, the pedestrians are typically the ones who suffer the most serious injuries. If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another driver, contact Moxie Law Group for a free consultation. We’ve got the best car accident lawyer Utah has.