What Personal Injury Lawyers Wish You Knew

You’ve probably heard of some famous “frivolous lawsuits,” such as the man who attempted to sue a dry cleaning service for 67 million dollars after the dry cleaner ruined a pair of pants. Assuming you followed the case, you were probably wondering how the emotional distress over a pair of pants can be worth 2 million dollars (which is what the plaintiff was requesting for “inconvenience and emotional distress”). And, believe it or not, most personal injury lawyers were also wondering the same thing. Contrary to what the public tends to believe about personal injury lawyers, we aren’t all looking to make a quick 20 million off of a ruined pair of pants. The majority of personal injury lawyers have dedicated their careers to fighting for compensation for those injured by the negligence of others.

Working with Insurance Companies

Personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to help those who are struggling to deal with insurance companies. In a lot of car crashes, the at-fault driver’s insurance just isn’t enough to cover the medical bills of the injured party. And, in a lot of cases, the injured party also incurs additional damages such as loss of income, loss of earning potential, and other damages. Personal injury lawyers help everyday people to get more money in their pockets by working with insurance companies to negotiate a fair settlement, working with hospitals and doctors to negotiate lower medical bills settlements, and investigating the assets of the negligent party when policy limits aren’t enough.

Holding Corporations Accountable

General Motors faced a nearly 5 billion dollar lawsuit in late 1999. The reason? The company’s 1979 Chevrolet Malibu’s gas tanks would occasionally explode when the car was involved in rear-end collisions. A product liability lawsuit was filed when six people were seriously injured due to the exploding gas tanks. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, the victims were able to prove that General Motors knew that the gas tanks could explode but they did nothing to prevent it since correcting the issue would be expensive. Personal injury lawyers fight for the rights of those who have been injured by the negligence of corporate America, and also fight to hold corporations accountable when their products are faulty and improvements need to be made.

We Only Work with Those We Know We Can Help

The majority of personal injury attorneys work on contingency, meaning that they don’t get paid unless the injured party gets compensated. So, if the injured party goes to trial and loses their claim, the personal injury lawyers who are working on contingency don’t get paid. This also means that, for the most part, personal injury lawyers don’t take cases where they do not believe their potential client has a good case and deserves compensation. When personal injury attorneys work on contingency, they don’t take cases just so they can make money; they take cases because they know the client has been truly injured by someone else’s negligence and that they can help the client. 

Preventing Future Negligence

Finally, personal injury lawyers work to make sure that the negligent parties are held responsible for their actions. In the aforementioned case of General Motors, if a personal injury lawyer hadn’t stepped in, General Motors may have continued to manufacture defective cars that would have resulted in the death or serious injury of many more people.  There are numerous other instances of important changes being brought about because of a product liability lawsuit.  Personal injury lawyers make sure the negligent parties are held responsible for their negligence, which helps to improve defective products and prevents future injuries from happening.

Getting You Justice

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