When Distracted Driving Is Deadly

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In 2020 alone, nearly 5,000 car crashes happened because of distracted driving. Draper, Utah, a town smaller than 30 square miles, saw 124 distracted driving accidents in 2020. When a town of fewer than 50,000 people has so many distracted driving accidents, you know Utah’s got a  problem. After all, the phrase “Draper car accident lawyer” returns nearly three million search results. Even though smartphones have been around for over a decade, many people still don’t know how to react to a distracted driver. And, many people are still confused about what their rights are when they’ve been injured by a distracted driver.


Utah Car Accident

Since the laws regarding texting while driving vary from state to state, it’s important to know what the rules are in your state. In some states, you can talk on a handheld device if you’re over 18. However, in other states, you could be pulled over simply for talking on your phone. According to Utah Laws, texting while driving is illegal and a primary offense. This means that, in Utah, you can be pulled over just for texting and driving. Penalties for texting and driving can be severe, especially if the person has a history of texting while driving, or has caused bodily harm to another person due to texting while driving.


If you’re involved in a car crash due to a distracted driver, follow the steps you normally would in an accident. First, make sure you’re okay and that the other party is okay as well; call 911 if anyone is seriously injured. If no one needs an ambulance, call the non-emergency police dispatch line. Start taking pictures, then move the vehicles (if they are still functional and it’s safe to do so) while the authorities are on their way. Do not say you’re not injured, do not apologize, and do not admit fault—even if you think you caused the crash. The fact that the driver was distracted could make them more liable for the accident. If you know the person was texting while driving, make sure you mention this to the police officer and your insurance company. If you’re injured, do not wait to go to a doctor. Go into a doctor as soon as possible, preferably within three days of the wreck. If your doctor prescribes treatment, make sure to get treated as soon as possible as well.


Utah Car Accident

If you’ve been injured thanks to a negligent and distracted driver, you have options. A personal injury lawyer can help you subpoena the other driver’s phone records which may prove they were distracted at the time of the accident. If you don’t have health insurance, a personal injury attorney can help you find a doctor that will see you and agree to a lien for payment. This way you can get the treatment you need. A personal injury attorney can also make sure you’re fairly compensated for all of your damages including your pain and suffering and emotional distress.


Don’t be the reason another person is searching for the best Draper car accident lawyer. If you’re getting ready to drive, put your phone in the trunk, or mute your notifications. Put iPads, MP3 players, and GPS devices in a place where they won’t distract you. If you’re using GPS on a phone, consider putting it in one of the clips that go on the dashboard. Remember, 7% of all fatal crashes in Utah are caused by distracted driving. You do not want to be the reason there’s an empty spot at someone’s dinner table.


Utah Car Accident

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, Moxie Law Group is here for you. Moxie Law Group is one of Utah’s first female-led personal injury firms. We’re committed to fighting for the maximum compensation for our clients with tenacity, integrity, and empathy. If you’re ready to get the compensation you deserve, contact us for a free consultation today.

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