Spooky lawsuits abound in these classic halloween films

3 Best Personal Injury Suits in Horror

If you’ve ever watched a horror film, you likely saw the characters breaking all sorts of laws. With all the accidents that occur in these spooky films, you can bet your bottom dollar that somebody, somewhere was negligent. But there’s no need to be afraid when there are personal injury attorneys that are committed to fighting for those who were injured by the negligence of others. 

Product Liability – Chucky

Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are not unreasonably dangerous. If a manufacturer sells a defective product that harms a consumer, the manufacturer is liable for any injuries that product causes to the consumer. In the 1988 film, Child’s Play, Karen Barclay purchases a doll for her young son, Andy. Though we don’t have the exact instructions and warnings that came with Chucky, we can safely assume that they didn’t include Chucky’s violent tendencies. Chucky caused a lot of damage and could easily be considered an unreasonably dangerous product. Due to the doll’s unconventional way of becoming unreasonably dangerous, it’s difficult to determine which type of product defect Chucky falls under and who along the supply chain is responsible. However, if the Barclay family hires Utah’s best personal injury attorney, they’ll have a better chance of getting compensation for their injuries.

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress – Freddy Krueger

In the 1984 horror classic, The Nightmare on Elm Street, deceased murderer, Freddy Krueger, appears in the nightmares of five Ohio teenagers. After the nightmares, the teenagers wake up with torn clothing and injuries to show that they really were in danger while they were having the nightmares. The teenagers who survived the attack may be able to sue Mr. Krueger for intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Intentional infliction of emotional distress occurs when one person acts in an “outrageous” manner, with the intent of causing psychological harm to another person. While the legal definition of “outrageous” is nebulous, we can assume that rising from the dead in spirit, and unlawfully accessing the dreams of minors with the express intent of causing them physical and psychological pain, is outrageous. Though tracking down Mr. Krueger may be difficult, the top personal injury lawyer in Utah can help you track down almost any defendant.

Premises LiabilityThe Conjuring

If you’re purchasing a home, you hope your home inspector finds everything. However, for many people, home inspections don’t reveal all the faults in a home. Sellers have a legal obligation to inform prospective buyers of any known defects in the home. For example, if a seller knows their back porch is faulty, and they do not disclose this to the buyer, they can be liable for any injuries the buyer sustains from the faulty porch. The same may be true if the previous owners failed to disclose that the house was infested with malignant spirits, such as in the 2013 film, The Conjuring, and the buyer is injured. Though you may have difficulty proving that there are ghosts and that the previous owner knew about them, and that they caused your injuries, a talented personal injury attorney may be able to help you.

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