What to Do after an Accident

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Do you know what to do immediately following a car accident? Many people feel an overwhelming amount of dread and anxiety as soon as they hear the crunch of a wreck. The bewilderment and confusion immediately following a wreck can be paralyzing. If you’ve been involved in a wreck, you need to know how to respond to the situation properly. Responding to the situation in the right way can help protect you from expensive lawsuits and costly medical bills.


You should never admit fault in an accident, even if you feel the accident was obviously your fault. If you feel like you made a mistake, it may be tempting to admit fault immediately. However, the driver of the other car may have been distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fault is actually a legal determination and you may not have all of the information at the time to properly decide if it was your fault or not. Since there may be extenuating circumstances you’re not aware of, you should never admit fault⁠—even if you think it was your mistake.


If you were injured in a car accident, you need to go in for an examination as soon as possible. If the doctor doesn’t suggest it, you should ask if diagnostic imaging would be helpful to determine the extent of your injuries. Imaging such as X-rays, CT Scans,  and MRIs are the best ways to determine whether you’ve been injured in an accident. Although chiropractors can provide relief for pain an accident has caused, the MRI, CT, or X-ray will be the best way to determine the extent of your injuries and prove damages in court. If the accident left you with open wounds or bruises, you should take pictures of these as well as soon as possible. If you know you’re going to need additional compensation for personal injury or loss of income, you need to document everything.


Since Utah is a no-fault state as far as Personal Injury Protection coverage, your insurance company will be able to help you with a lot of your initial damages, regardless of who is at fault. Therefore it is important to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. However, most insurance companies do not provide enough compensation to cover serious injuries. If your injuries were severe enough, you may need to file a personal injury claim or even an Underinsured Motorist claim.


If you’ve been injured, it’s never a bad idea to consult a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury consultations are typically free, and they can help inform you of your options. In 2019, over 3 million car crashes resulted in injuries that were significant enough to necessitate medical attention. Injuries from car crashes are extremely common; personal injury attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet.


If you’ve been injured during a car accident, you may be overwhelmed at the rate the medical bills are piling up. Car accidents often cause significant amounts of emotional stress along with the property damage and physical injuries. At Moxie Law Group, we understand this; we’ve helped so many people gain the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact us to find out how we can bring you relief during this stressful time. Call the best Personal Injury Lawyers in Utah, MoxieLawGroup.com

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