Staying Safe during Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days

The summer months typically come with an increase in reckless driving. In fact, the Zero Fatalities Campaign has named the days from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day, “Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days.” Last year we saw a 40% increase in fatalities during Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days. Aggressive driving fatalities were over four times higher in 2020 than they were in 2019—and Utah is currently on track to see even larger numbers of aggressive driving fatalities in 2021. 

Speeding out of Control:

Recently, Utah has seen a massive increase in reckless driving. This year alone Utah’s roads have seen over 3,400 speed-related accidents and 34 speed-related fatalities. And, a quarter of all speed-related accidents happened in places where the posted speed limit was over 70. Things have gotten so out of control, the Utah Highway Patrol has announced that officers would be working 150 extra shifts in order to crack down on reckless driving. If you encounter someone driving over the speed limit, the best thing you can do is stay out of their way. Allow speeding drivers to pass you, especially if they’re tailgating. It is important to give speeders plenty of space since they can easily lose control of their vehicle.

Utah Sees a Spike in Drunk Driving:

During the summer months, Utah typically witnesses a steep increase in drunk driving. From January 2021 to June 2021, Utah’s increase of drunk driving has caused nearly 900 car accidents, over 500 injuries, and 35 deaths. In order to keep Utahns safe during Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days, the Utah Highway Patrol is adding an additional 700 shifts starting in June and going through July. Knowing the signs of a drunk driver can keep you safe during Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days. If you think a driver may be impaired, it is important to stay out of their way. Give them plenty of space and do not attempt to pass them. If possible, pull over to the side of the road and call 911 to report a potentially impaired driver. 

Distracted Driving:

While Utah’s rate of distracted driving has not increased, it unfortunately has not decreased either. Nationwide, 276,000 people were injured in 2018 due to distracted driving. And studies have shown that distracted drivers are more impaired than drunk drivers. Distracted driving can include, using a phone, reading, eating, drinking, or personal grooming. If you see other drivers engaging in these behaviors this summer, it is important to know how to react. Zero Fatalities suggests that the best thing you can do is get away from the distracted driver. Make sure you give them plenty of space in case they need to stop suddenly or lose control of their vehicle.  

Ways You Can Prevent Accidents:

The United States Department of Transportation has estimated that around 94% of car accidents are caused by human error, the top contributors being distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence. You can contribute to keeping the number of fatalities down by driving sober, obeying the speed limits, avoiding distracted driving, and avoiding drowsy driving.

If You’ve Been Injured on Utah’s Roads:

Last year, 276 people lost their lives on Utah’s roads, and over 1,500 people were seriously injured. During the summer months, one person will die every day on Utah’s roads. If, like many others, you were injured due to a reckless driver, we are able to help. Call Moxie Law Group to find out how our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.