Why Moxie?

ELI5: Negligence


We hear the word, and may even routinely use it.

But what is “moxie?”

How is it relevant in choosing the best personal injury attorney Utah has to offer?

And how can I put another car accident attorney Utah perceives as strong or any other PI attorney in Utah to the test in taking #TheMoxieChallenge?

The Dictionary Meaning of Moxie:

A Great Way To Define a Personal Injury Lawyer Utah Trusts
Traditional and trendy sources alike are in agreement: “Moxie” is a very desirable trait, something you want, something you need, in looking for legal counsel in Utah.

“Courage, energy, and determination” quips The Oxford Dictionarythe most traditional of sources.

“Courageous spirit and determination, perseverance… Vigor, verve, pep… Skill, know-how” is how Dictionary.com describes Moxie.

“Force of character, determination, or nerve”  is Google’s simple, elegant take, a POV not too far from the trendiest of sourcesUrban Dictionary.

The Scientific Meaning of Moxie:
How the X Factor Helps Being a Car Accident Attorney in Utah
In Utah, there are 101 men for every 100 women. Utah, in fact, has a higher percentage of adult females than males than the national average in the United States.

You sure wouldn’t know it, to look at the makeup of Utah law firms.

Locally, think about the billboards you see–strong males inviting you to call them for your Utah personal injury needs.

Virtually, think about the websites you scour–virtually identical lineups of people (predominantly men) in dark-colored, mannish suits (or suits that designers intended to resemble manly suits).

Nationally, women comprise just one in three attorneys.

Locally, the lack of women–and the lack of senior women–in Utah law firms is something even the D-News and Tribune can agree about. The Salt Lake Tribune calls women “significantly underrepresented” in Utah law firms. The Deseret News describes the lack of women as  “Largely absent.”

For the Best Personal-Injury Lawyer Utah Has On Speed-Dial?
Moxie Marks the Spot
Moxie Law Group is a women-led personal injury firm grounded by the definition of “Moxie”–Character, Determination, Nerve.

We win that triple-crown challenge of the legal world: Character, Determination, and Nerve.

We have tried and won cases at the Utah Supreme Court level, and fight tooth and well-done nails for the right principles.

Women attorneys in general, and Moxie Law Group Utah women attorneys in specific, bring in the results. Moxie Law is headed by Jill Coil, Utah’s leading female attorney. There are several other female attorneys at all levels serving Moxie Law Group clients.

According to Miami-based analytics think tank Premonition, female partners outdid male partners in court 70.19 percent to 57.47 percent (plus 12.72 percent), the largest factor ever tested by the firm.

In terms of genetics, women have not just one but two “x’s” or X chromosomes. When it comes to personal injury attorneys, “X marks the spot”–not once, but twice, with Moxie.

Make Sure To Select the Best Car Accident Lawyer Utah Has To Offer
Looking for a Utah bicycle accident lawyer? Need an attorney to secure a catastrophic brain injury settlement? ISO Utah medical malpractice aid?

Ask us any questions you have. Line us up with any personal injury lawyer Ogden, Utah or personal injury lawyer St. George, Utah has to offer.

Who’s got the juice–the Moxie–in terms of the #UtahPersonalInjuryTripleCrown–“force of Character, Determination, or Nerve?”

It’s on. We’re here and there for you.

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