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Cyclists and other nature lovers know what the national Trail Link app confirms: the city of Alpine in Northern Utah County is a beautiful site for outdoor recreation.

Personal Injury Utah County

The Alpine Loop is a treasure. Cyclists not only throughout Utah but throughout the world enjoy navigating the 20-mile scenic Alpine Loop. The Alpine Loop offers spectacular views of Utah’s second-highest mountain and national monument, Mount Timpanogos.

Such places of beauty can present challenges.

The Alpine Loop is not only a spectacular bike ride for the hearty.

Residents and visitors using motorized vehicles also enjoy a scenic drive enjoy traversing SR-92.

In this context, the 20-mile stretch of American Fork Canyon with Provo Canyon sometimes becomes deadly.

Bicycle Safety amid Beauty: A Utah Bicycle Accident Lawyer’s POV

Each year, there are nearly 400 bicycle crashes in Utah, resulting in some deaths.

The majestic Alpine Loop is a site for ongoing collision and tragedy.

In 2019, a beautiful Saturday morning ride became tragic. According to investigative reports, the driver of a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) was on the wrong side of the road, “driving aggressively, cutting corners and accelerating rapidly as he rounded the curves.” On one such curve, the driver struck a cyclist. The cyclist suffered significant head, neck, and back injuries. Medical helicopter transported the victim to an area hospital.

What Is To Be Done? Adding an Alpine Personal Injury Attorney To Mix
Bicycle advocates, area residents, and others are aware of the dangers of the area.

One way to help the community is by lobbying for a bicycle lane along the scenic stretch.

Another way to help rid the community–and the greater Utah community at large–is by standing up for your rights and aggressively seeking compensation for dangerous, illegal driving.

Personal injury is community injury: Seek To Engage Utah Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Utah County

Writes former Lone Peak High School athlete and Highland resident Morgan Topham: “An accident can have far-reaching effects, tragically touching the lives of family, friends, employees, and community members, whether they’re cyclists or not.”

Taking on the Alpine Loop by bicycle requires what defines us at Moxie Law Group: character, determination, and nerve.

As the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Utah, We are here and there for you

APersonal Injury Utah County

If you or a loved one is the victim of bicycle injury in Utah–along the Alpine Loop or any of Utah’s scenic or everyday urban rides, contact Moxie Law Group.

Moxie represents clients who are victims of DUIs, semi-truck and truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Character, determination, and nerve–our “moxie”–will be your traveling companion through your grief and physical and emotional recovery.

Personal injury is community injury. We look forward to serving you and doing our mutual part to keep Utah’s scenic and urban environment safe and enjoyable for all.

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