Time to Find the Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Orem Has?

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Time to Find the Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Orem Has? 

If you’ve sustained injury in a truck accident, you may be considering hiring a truck accident attorney. But if you’re like most people, hiring a truck accident attorney may seem like an overwhelming process. However, Moxie Law Group is dedicated to making the process a breeze. If you need to hire a truck accident attorney, Moxie Law Group has the Utah truck accident attorney for you. When you’ve sustained injury in a truck accident, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer with Moxie. Here are five reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer at Moxie Law Group. 

  1. We’re Committed to Adding a Personalized Touch to Personal Injury

When you need a truck accident lawyer who’s dedicated to helping you navigate the nuances of your personal injury case, Moxie Law Group is the obvious choice. Our truck accident lawyers are dedicated to adding a personalized touch to personal injury. This means that our truck accident lawyers are committed to compassionately guiding our clients through the truck accident claim. Our Utah truck accident lawyers care about each individual client we help. When you’re pursuing fair compensation our truck accident lawyers are dedicated to providing you with guidance each step of the way. When you need a Utah truck accident lawyer who’s committed to guiding you through your truck accident case, contact Moxie Law Group today. 

  1. Our Truck Accident Lawyers Have the Experience Needed to Go to Court

If you’re looking to hire a Utah truck accident lawyer, you don’t want to hire a team of Orem truck accident lawyers who are afraid of a lawsuit. But that’s exactly what you could get if you hire one of the big law firms. At Moxie Law Group, our Orem truck accident lawyers aren’t afraid of going to court if it means getting our injured clients a fair settlement. Many truck accident attorneys don’t want to risk going to court. This is especially true at big firms that are focused on settling truck accident cases as soon as possible. At these firms, truck accident attorneys are afraid to go to court because going to court can be long, expensive, and risky. But at Moxie Law Group, our truck accident attorneys are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients. If you’ve sustained injuries in a truck crash, you need a personal injury attorney who’s dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get personal injury victims the compensation they need. At Moxie Law Group, we diligently work to earn our clients’ trust. Find out why so many people chose to trust Moxie Law Group with their personal injury claims. 

  1. You Need an Orem Truck Accident Lawyer Who Can Advocate for You

If you’ve suffered injuries from a truck crash, it might be due to the truck driver. However, truck drivers aren’t necessarily the only liable party involved in trucking accidents. In fact, when commercial truck accidents occur, trucking companies may be among the liable parties that attorneys investigate. However, commercial trucking companies generally put a lot of effort into making sure that they aren’t’ liable for most trucking accidents. If you were involved in a trucking accident, and you think the trucking company may have some fault in the matter, it’s time to sit down with an experienced lawyer for a free case evaluation to review your legal options, determine whether or not the trucking company has any liability in the accident, and make sure that the company is held responsible if they do have liability. 

Who’s Liable for the Truck Accident? 

Every truck accident is different, and no two truck accidents are exactly alike. However, when it comes to determining liability in truck accidents, multiple parties may be at fault. In a lot of truck accidents, both the truck driver and the other driver could be at fault. Some semi truck drivers own their own truck and, depending on the incident, the truck owner may have some liability. Those who driver for semi-truck companies may have some liability, regardless of whether or not they own the truck, and the company that the driver works for may also have some responsibility for semi-truck accidents that occur while their drivers are on the road. 

Why Does It Matter? 

The insurance company of an individual driver is far more likely to pay on a personal injury claim than the insurance company of a trucking company. When it comes to commercial policies, many times the insurance company will do whatever it takes to avoid paying. If you’ve sustained injury in a commercial vehicle accident, it may be more difficult to get compensation from the commercial policy. Those who are accidents with commercial vehicles need to ensure that they consider hiring a reputable law firm to handle their claim. 

When You’ve Sustained Severe Injuries 

Many accidents involving the trucking industry cause the injured party to sustain serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries include broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries, and catastrophic injuries. The medical expenses that these accidents cause generally inspire the injured parties to seek out a qualified legal team to help them find compensation to cover the medical bills. Many of these injured parties need long term treatment after they’ve received immediate medical care. With the cost of lost wages, medical treatment, and other injury-related expenses, it’s important that you consult an attorney who can help you. At Moxie Law Group, our attorneys are here for you from the accident scene to the settlement check and beyond. 

When You’ve Sustained Injury in an Orem Truck Accident 

If you’ve been injured in an Orem truck accident, you do not need to panic: Moxie Law Group is here for you. Whether you’re at the accident scene, or recovering in the hospital, Moxie Law Group is ready to fight for your rights. Those who drive large trucks aren’t always as careful as they should be, leading to some of the most common causes of truck accidents. For example, if you’re driving, and you have not had adequate rest, you could cause someone else to sustain some very serious injuries. Distracted driving and driver fatigue also contribute to some of the most common causes of accidents. 

Car Accident? Truck Accident? Let Us Help. 

If you’ve sustained injury in an accident, let Moxie Law Group help you. We offer each client a free consultation to help them get the compensation they need to recover. If you’re ready for your free consultation, don’t wait. Contact our firm today. 


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